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  • Testing some field antennas

    Due to some very fine weather with a temperature above 17℃ in the afternoon, fellow radio amateur Frank PA2DKW, owner of antenna kit webshop HFKits, and I decided to do some antenna experiments ‘in the field’.

    We ended up in a polder, a typical Dutch countryside setting. And as I am interested in World Wide Flora and Fauna, this area is indeed a WWFF reference, namely PAFF-0079. We were able to make 11 QSO’s for WWFF under the call sign PA6ML/P. Conditions were abysmal, but still, we could test the antennas in mind.

    Frank set up a glass fibre pole with an end-fed half wave wire antenna vertically along it and, mounted against the picnic table, a very skilfully assembled delta loop antenna. Not very scientific, but we tried testing the performance with WSPR. Only 10 watts from an ICOM IC-705. The results were puzzling at best.

    We both worked with WSJT-X to transmit a WSPR signal. Frank used call sign PA2DKW/P and transmitted on his delta loop antenna and PA6ML/P was used to transmit using the end-fed wire antenna, vertically.

    PA2DKW/P managed to be heard in Australia (VK4CT) with -19dB and in Alaska (KL7L) with 0dB (!).
    PA6ML/P managed to be heard… nowhere (?). We still suspect that there is more to it. Perhaps a misconfiguration in WSJT-X or a strange bug.