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  • Trip to Newcastle


    In the weekend of the 16th of February I made a one-day trip with my YL to Newcastle, using the ferry of DFDS (Danish Seaways), in this case the King of Scandinavia. After an inquiry at the service desk and a ‘ok’ from the captain, I prepared to use the FT-817 on the stern. First a qso on the repeater of Amsterdam on 70cm: PI2ASD. Strong, clear signals from the repeater and a nice qso with PA3CNT.

    On the upper stern post, there was a abandoned (probably due to the bad weather) terrace. I used it to make some nice /MM contacts on HF. Unfortunately, due to QRM from my laptop via the USB cable to my microHAM USB 3, I had to stop the experiment with WinLink. And RFI made my 817 TX and stop with a couple of milliseconds. Back to the drawing board and use some rigid toroids on the USB cable!

    On the way back, I overheard a qso between two British hams on 2m in FM. I successfully managed to enter the conversation and spoke to Sid (MøZID) and Derek (sorry, lost your call there!).

    Half an hour or so later, I tried again (assuring the new LiPo battery pack for the 817 from Windcamp was still okay). This time I tried a cq on 144.300 in single sideband. And voilá, MøTLX, David, answered my call soon after. With only 4 Watts (according to the specs) and by now a distance of about 50 (!) nautical miles. Very nice indeed!