Flora & Fauna during a holiday

My wife PD4LYN and I decided to go camping for a week in the nature reserve called The Veluwe. There are some ‘subparts’ and the camping we chose is situated in the forest range of Kootwijk. And yes, this is also a Flora & Fauna (PAFF-0035) reference, what joy!

The first few days were not that great: a lot of thunderstorms, rainfall and wind. This got a bit better fortunately. It became very sunny (above 24C) from Tuesday on.

At the end, a total score of 137 QSO’s were logged of which 33 turned out to be park-to-park! Most of them with 10W, but a bit more “oompf” (50W) during nation-wide QSO’s on 80 metre band.
A fair result for a relaxed week of holiday containing a lot of cycling and geocaching and a fair bit of radio 🙂

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