Field Test in the polder #2

Another test of antennas in the field. Again at a well-known spot together with PA2DKW: the Polder Bilwijk, a nearby nature reserve. Unfortunately not a Flora & Fauna reference, but still a nice spot to experiment. A small wooded area near the parking space and a lot of pasture to extend long wire antennas. We used the call sign PA6ML/P for clarity.

We managed to make quite a few connections. The vertical EFHW was performing well on 20m with a reasonable amount of DX. The ZS6BKW dipole also managed to do a very fine job: with 10W we spoke with an amateur (also QRP!) on one of the northern Wadden Islands on a very comfortable signal level on both sides.

We seem to be picked up across the pond by a Canadian station, but we weren’t aware:

PA6ML/P on DXheat

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