Another antenna afternoon

Frank PA2DKW and I went “antenna field day” again last week. We wanted to test the performance of some (too) small loop antennas, a SuperAntennas MP-1 and to find out why my dipole wasn’t doing its job. We suspected that the 1:1 balun for my 80/40/15 dipole didn’t behave properly. Frank discovered that the binding posts weren’t tightened enough (shame on me). On top of that, the VNA showed that both wires were too short and needed 33 cm (1′, really?) of additional wire. Hm, bummer.

The WSPR reports for three antennas were analyzed:

  1. The AlphaLoop antenna for 40-10m, 15W PEP max, tuned for 20m WSPR.
  2. The SuperAntennas MP-1 on a tripod, tuned for 20m WSPR.
  3. An EFHW wire antenna, vertically alongside a glass fiber pole.

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