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  • [Article 77]10 Meter band intruders – Russian taxi companies

    As you may already have noticed, Russian cab companies are booming with 59+ in FM on the 10 meter band. Even the freebanders on 27 Mhz (27.415 – 27.855) are bothered by these commercial users.

    If you want to know how these stations sound – Russian taxi on 10 meter band.
    Wife behind the mike, husbands driving the cab, it is said.

    There are many discussions going on on the forums. Take a look at the one on the QRZ.com here and the other post.

    It seems that the IARUMS (Intruder Watch of the IARU) has taken appropriate measures. The Russian FCC has answered with the following: fax to DARC / IARUMS.

    Well, I hope that everything works out. I had a QSO today with a Puerto Rican station and it was a bit messed up by a FM transmission on the same frequency 🙁  If the conditions continue to increase and nothing is done – we are in for a big, unpleasant surprise.

  • [Article 80]Pirate stations, number stations and other SWL

    As long as I can remember I like to listen to short wave. Not only normal music stations or informative ones (I like to listen to Radio Wereldomroep Netherlands on SW), but strange stations too, like number stations or broadcasting radio pirates.

    If you thought that pirate stations disappeared on the bands, you are wrong. There are different types of pirate stations.

    • Music (broadcast) stations – mainly operation on 3 meter band (FM), 48 meter band, 85 meter band and around the 185 meter band (all AM). Fun fact – at least 60% of these stations in Europe are of Dutch origin (!).
    • Freebanders – pirate stations operating outside radio amateur bands. Examples are the well known 27 MHz ‘division’ freebanders, around 27.555 MHz USB or the 48-meter band, running at 6.635 MHz LSB.
    • Fake amateur stations – using a fake call and trying to participate in ham activities like qso rounds, contests and normal DX work.
    • And a special group – the number stations and out-of-band military data stations. But as they are operated by governments, well, we just have to tolerate them 😉

    The last few weeks I am quite active on the listening part. There are many fine sites on identifying a station (music, military,number stations, illegal beacons on HF, etc.). One very fine source of information is the HFunderground.com website.

    If you are into irc (you should be, it’s old but very effective) you should be on StarChat. On StarChat there are two very nice irc channels regarding swl, ham radio and pirate stations : #pirateradio and #wunclub. Both of them full with swl enthousiasts and hams.

    On the left side of this page, I have put a number of links to different SWL and pirate radio related sites.